Lulu Alhassan, one of the first Saudi Shoe designers known for her playful elegant taste and designs that guarantee her customers’ comfort accompanied with style. She was always attracted to chic details, elegance, and feminine touches when it comes to fashion; she never considers shoes as accessories, they are far more than that to her, she considers shoes a statement.

Her passion started from a very young age, as she used to fetch in closets for high heels and try them on with her tiny feet in almost every house she visited with her parents. It was so hard to please her choices in shoes even as a young girl; in 2003, Lulu started showing interest in high brands for shoes and started her own favorite collection, one pair a month.

After her extensive reading and personal shoes collection were her research & development base, she started experiencing the difference between every type and/or style of shoes, which sharpened an eye for the best designers in the world, the materials they use, and the sensation of quality.

With a Bachelor Degree in Art and a Masters Degree in IT, she got to explore different fields to broaden her vision to diverse knowledge and elements. But shoes were always her passion and joy, so she finished her education knowing that one day she will come back to it. She then pursued her dream with a certificate from Ars Sturoia – Milano for footwear designing in 2016.

Practicing this passion with creativity and feminism, Lulu decided to start up her own brand after her fans started expressing their admiration to her sketches and unique designs.

“Soon, women will enjoy the comfort of high heels in a joyful shoe…. or a piece of art as I like to name them” Lulu Al Hassan.