I will still choose genuine leather


Recently I have discovered that the majority in the middle east are not aware of the difference between real leather and syntactic (fake) leather. Which can be sometime an important piece of knowledge when it comes to footwear. Regardless of the huge difference both carry I always recommend and prefer real one for:

  • Coziness– Real leather shoes allow the feet to “breathe” more than fake leather shoes. Leather also flexes, stretches and molds to the foot, allowing it to move more naturally. Fake leather usually causes your feet to sweat and feel uncomfortable and It can also cause blisters or rashes to form on the feet from friction and heat because the plastic materials will not soften with time. 
  • Durability – Leather last longer. A well-made pair of shoes can last many years, especially if taken care of properly. Leather shoes don’t crack or tear as easily and keep their color much longer, fake usually won’t last long
  • Presence– real leather looks nicer. It holds up to the elements much better (if taken care of properly) as it ages it keep the vintage look. It also have a strong scent that represent luxury and authenticity

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