Chic for cheap

Whether your low in budget or just wana treat yourself with a little something there is always some choices in shoes that can give you the ultimate look with affordable prices

But the trick here is to know how to choose a worthy pair and based on what

  • First of all,identifycertain brands known for their creative design and make a list of them, always check their collection to find the chicest for cheap pair
  • The finishing of the shoes is everything, stitches, leather look and heels. Even if it’s all synthetic;the quality of these details can make a 100$ pairs looks like 500$ worth
  • Always know where to wear them! Affordable pairs can be made with full genuine leather or partially and that can determine the durability of it and how can you get the best for the least out of it
  • Avoid crystals and accessories as much as possible cause they are usually pricy and having them in a cheap shoe will lower the value of the pair and it will give the fake sparkles which really can be clear and ugly

Again ,it all goes to one personal taste of shoes, but if you maintained these tips you will the perfect pairs to show off with

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