Feet vs Shoe

What you should know

  • You all think that you know your feet type and accurate size but there is some facts that you need to consider before jumping to buy a a pair “Thinking you know your feet”

-Feet types

-Before you buy – (evening shopping – try both pair -try them fit will not always be accurate –night shoe (pump) should be 5. Bigger

  • What goes with what
  • Different shoe styles and names
  • What outfit suits the main shoe types (will try them together)
  • Each bring her shoes and we correct their choices together
  • Colors and skins
  • The power of Poses and feet language
  • Walk, set, lay, indoor and outdoor wearing different heel heights
  • The right vs wrong positioning and sexy positioning
  • Feet care
  • Medical cases and its relation with shoes
  • Products and routines

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