Shoes every woman should have

You might think that a pair of shoes can fit anything and everything but in fact, it’s very important to choose your footwear based on the outfit style, color, material and comfort.

There for every woman should have one of the following to have a perfect combination for all seasons

Black Pump

wither its suede, lamp, or shiny black all can go well with formal attire in different occasions, yet its sexy and chic.

Nude Peep Toe

nude is the color that saves your day, it can be any heel height but peep toe usually gives the casual classic touch, so it can go well with jeans, long and short skirts and dresses as well

Espadrille Wedge

perfect for summer indoor and outdoor occasions, its colors always earthy and warm which can fit most styles yet its comfy and stylish

Golden and Silver Sandals

the perfect for any night occasion, and can fit perfectly with most night gowns colors and style, a must have!

Red D’orsay

flat or heels, it can be the perfect solution for a normal outfit to spice it up and add a statement to it yet it fits all seasons

of course, the list is long but these are a must if you are travelling, have no time or space or even limited in budgets. These will ensure you look perfect and sexy anytime a year

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