What you don’t know about shoes


Many people in the middle east have a wrong perception about the industry of shoe making, as they believe most shoes are done in factories with a click and boom! you have your pair ready. This might apply for mass and low quality, but never for luxury!

I myself thought that till I came to realize the big world behind it. The amount of details and steps made me sure that if you don’t have the passion for it, think twice!

for the art of making it lies in the attention of details and the amount of time spent in each step to assure the accuracy before moving forward, one small mistake will repeat the whole process
it starts with an idea, shaped into an actual design that must be physically doable and comfortable. Adding the material and component is another sensitive process that has to take its time.
Therefore, the price paid for luxurious brand is not always for the name itself! But for the details behind it as well .

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